Two Cup Method – LOA Experiment

I just came across the 2 Cup Method for Manifestation or Quantum Jumping. I have not tried it yet, but look at all the comments on this user’s video, it apparently works! Have you tried the 2 cup method? Share your results in a comment below.

Get What You Want, By Asking For More

My life started changing when I started becoming really specific and demanding more from people in my life. Look at the people in your life, how many times have you settled for wrong friends or wrong relationships or even toxic people in your life?

All my life I always settled, and felt grateful and happy for whatever scraps people would give to me, because I didn’t believe in myself, or love myself, so how could anyone else love me, I thought. I just felt really unloveable.


Almost all of my relationships were not created on physical attraction, because I thought I was so ugly, there’s no way I would get a handsome guy.

But I dunno, I just changed my way of thinking, and what I wanted. I became OK being alone. I was done settling.

Love Yourself
Love Yourself

Let me be clear, physical attraction isn’t everything, looks fade, we get older, etc. And someone with an awesome personality can be charming and create chemistry with you in the same way someone physically attractive can.

We all have different things we like too… Like I like clean shaven, more kinda metro-sexual, baby-faced guys. While my best friend loves lumberjack looking guys, like Thor, with a beard and long hair. Different strokes different folks.

And let me tell you girls, it goes the same for men too, different men like different women. Yes there are fit men who love chubby girls. I’m with one such man right now. You don’t have to settle for fat, bald, or whatever if that’s not what you want!

Self Esteem
Self Esteem

Stop settling.

Stop thinking that that’s the only man who would ever want someone like you. You are beautiful. You deserve the world. You are worth it. The only one holding you back from what you want is YOU. Trust me, I was just like that, for over 30 years of my life. I know how you feel and I know WHY you’re settling.

Let me be clear again we’re not just talking physical attraction… I have been in abusive relationships (with men I wasn’t even attracted to no less lol) Because I was settling and afraid of being alone. I thought I should be so lucky just to have someone. Anyone. And I made excuses for their behavior, or over emphasized any positive qualities, while ignoring red flags.


The number one thing should be finding someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Love shouldn’t hurt. Mental and physical abuse is not love. And it’s not up to you to fix broken people or broken relationships. And finding someone who wants the same things from a relationship is also important. If you just want to hookup, or have an open relationship that’s fine, but if you want a commitment and loyalty etc, you are not going to find it from mister one night stand or mister friend with benefits.

More Self Love
More Self Love

Be clear about what you want. If you want commitment, ask for it. I’m not saying ask for it on like a first date lol. I’ve scared guys off who otherwise may have been interested by having that “let’s define our relationship” talk too soon, but I’ve also made the mistake of never asking or setting an expectation at all and wondering wtf the relationship or what “we” were and stressing about it too – It’s all about timing, if you’ve been dating or hooking up for a few months, don’t be afraid to have that talk. Set the expectation. If they don’t like it, they aren’t right for you. If you want someone that makes time for you. Ask for it. I have chased after people who made zero effort and only wanted to see me when it was convenient for them, sometimes going a month or more, now I’m with someone I see every weekend. Or you might be the opposite, you might be the type who needs more space and only wants to see someone once or twice a month. Whatever it is that YOU want, you have to make clear to your partner.

Work On Self Esteem
Work On Self Esteem

The second thing you should look for is someone who makes you laugh, because life is hard sometimes, and you want someone who can make you laugh. Enjoy life’s happy moments, and make life’s hard moments a little bit easier. Someone you click with.

Sharing hobbies and activities should also be important. Someone doesn’t have to be exactly like you in that regard. It’s good to have hobbies separate from each other too. But it’s good even if it’s not their thing that your partner respects your hobbies, and even better if they take an interest in them too. My guy is very macho, into sports. I’m not into sports at all but I go watch him play or watch sports on tv with him, etc. And I’m very geeky and into games and anime. He goes to conventions with me and even dresses up in costumes, even though it’s not normally his thing. We play boardgames or video games almost every weekend even though he’s not really a “gamer”. Bonding together sharing hobbies and activities will make your relationship stronger. And trying new things together too that you can both experience for the first time together is great too.

Learn to Love Yourself
Learn to Love Yourself

If you can find someone who treats you the way you deserve, who makes you laugh, who wants the same things from a relationship (Whatever those things may be), and who can share hobbies or try new things with you, you have a keeper! At that point, physical attraction or sexual chemistry are just icing on the cake, a nice bonus.

Not Selfish
Not Selfish

I stopped settling, I spent 2 years single, because no one matched my new set of higher standards. It’s OK to be single! It’s OK to ask for more. If you don’t ask, you’ll continue to settle and continue to be unhappy! You deserve to be happy! there is someone out there for everyone. I don’t care what your excuse is. If you’re fat, bad acne, skinny, bald, handicapped, whatever… There is someone that will see your beauty and treat you like the precious treasure that you are! But first you have to see yourself that way. You decide the type of people you date. So stop settling, and demand more. You’ll be surprised that when you ask for more, that’s exactly what you get. It starts with self esteem and self respect. Love yourself. Believe in Yourself.

I Manifested True Love With My Best Friend

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. He has changed my life. Before meeting him, I was very lonely. That loneliness had gotten me feeling down and depressed, which only complicated my finding a mate.

It took me almost 2 years to readjust my thinking. I had to start being happy being alone. I ended one relationship because it was not making me happy – for the first time, I did something for myself. This was a start. But I would continue to settle for less when it came to dating, and when there was a drought in my dating life, I’d blame myself / think there was something just unloveable about me.

The hardest thing was to learn to love myself, and to stop settling for less than what I really wanted. I, like many women, struggled with my self image for most of my life. I grew up being bullied, like many kids go through. But I also amplified those problems because of my own insecurities. Looking back, there were plenty of people who tried to reach out to me, to be my friend, but I was too scared to let anyone in. So growing up, I ate lunch alone every day, and only had 3 or 4 friends, really only 1 who I’d see every weekend. Growing up isolated also amplified my insecurities.

I was overweight, I had curly hair and always wanted straight long sleek shiny hair. I was brunette and wanted to be blonde. I was short and wanted to be tall. I was clumsy and awkward and shy.

When I went to college, I lost the weight, over 100 lbs, but by time I graduated college, moved away from my friends, and settled into adulthood, my habits led to gaining back that weight.

Now in my late 30s, I am again trying to lose some weight, but not because I hate my body, but because I want to be healthier. I am having some ongoing health issues and need to correct some of my habits to improve my health.

There are still things I dislike about my body. My boobs are 2 different sizes, my eyes are puffy, I have a double chin from my weight.

A Collage of Memories
A Collage of Memories

But so what?

I learned and finally believe that does not mean I’m unloveable.

I had to learn this before I could manifest the relationship I wanted and deserved.

I have run the full gambit of bad relationships. Trust me, been there, done that…. been in physically and emotionally abusive relationships, been with “deadbeats” or “scrubs” who couldn’t financially provide a future (and when I say that, I’m not expecting a sugar daddy, I work and make my own money, but I expect my partner to be just that, a partner, who does his own 50%, works, contributes, and most of all can provide his 50% of a future for us, a life together where we can someday marry and have a family. Some people sadly just aren’t ready financially for an “Adult relationship”. We’re not kids anymore and my clock is ticking afterall.). And I’ve even been with commitment-phobic, emotionally unavailable men who only wanted casual hookups instead of real relationships.

But that finally ended when I learned to stop settling for less.

When I met my boyfriend in August 2017 I had no idea it would become the relationship of my dreams. We had only been chatting for 2 or 3 weeks, and he had told me “Too bad you live so far away” which I thought he was trying to discard the idea of meeting up. But for some reason, we kept talking, and decided to go out on our first date on August 27, 2017.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, since he had already told me I was too far away. I thought maybe it’d just be nice just to go out on a date. I hadn’t even been on a date since June 2017, 3 months. And without friends or anyone else my own age to hang out with, I just wanted to have a fun date and be around people. If nothing else, we could have good conversation and a good meal together.

Afterall, we had great chemistry on the phone. I’m very shy, and usually I hate talking on the phone. When I was little, I used to make my mom dial the phone for me to talk to my friend even because I was afraid of her parents picking up the phone and having to talk to them (even though they were like 2nd parents to me too lol).

But with this guy, it was different… the first time we decided to call each other, we talked for over 2 hours… and I felt completely at ease with him. and in that 2 or 3 weeks before our first date, we would text and call every day.

But when we met in person for our first date, I was still so nervous. We met at his house, but after a brief tour, we left together to go get lunch at a local little restaurant. As we sat across from each other at that meal, I had no idea I was sitting across from the man who would become the love of my life.

Very First Photo from 1st Date
Very First Photo from 1st Date

I could barely talk or barely make eye contact. I was totally shy. I still remember when I pulled into his driveway, and he came out of the house. I was texting my family to let them know I made it OK since it was a long drive, and I heard someone knocking on my window, and I jumped and dropped my phone I was so startled, but when I looked up, and looked into his eyes, he was smiling at me, and looked completely enchanted by me. I later told my family, that I “think he likes me” because of how he was looking at me. It was a look of love.

After having lunch together, we stopped by the grocery store, we picked out some steaks for later, and went back to his house, where we watched TV. I think we watched Avengers and Transformers. And then he cooked dinner for me.

Our first kiss was in the parking lot of the grocery store. I was still so nervous, but as he leaned over and kissed me, my nervousness melted away. We spent the rest of the date much more relaxed, engaging in deep conversation and enjoying warmth and physical affection. A complete difference from a few hours before when I was so nervous at lunch.

When I left that night, I still wasn’t sure if it’d amount to anything beyond a nice evening. The next day, he sent me a text that said “I think I miss you”. He was holding back, and in fact when I left that night, I had asked if I could see him next weekend, and he had told me no, maybe the next weekend after that… But by mid week, he was asking me to come back over that weekend because he missed me so much.

We have spent almost every single weekend together in the past year. I learned a lot about myself, and about guys, from my unlucky streak, I learned both my mistakes, and how to better handle rejection or disappointment or how to best handle men I was interested in to get the reactions and results I wanted…. so even though I knew pretty early on, I wanted a relationship with this person, I could tell he needed time…. I didn’t want to scare him off, so for now… I decided I would just enjoy this… for whatever it was.

But I had also made the opposite mistakes in my previous attempts at dating, by being too aloof or too distant… so I had to find the right balance…. the right balance of making clear what I wanted / hoped to happen… while not smothering or putting expectations or burdens on the other person.

We talked about our future, and what we both wanted…. and he kept saying he wanted to be with me, but that his friends and everyone were telling him to wait, so I told him, to take as long as he needed, that my answer wasn’t going to change… he said he thought it’d take him 3 months. I said that was fine that I would wait.

Meanwhile we enjoyed our weekends. We went out on dates. We learned more about each other and we grew closer.

my anniversary card from my boyfriend
my anniversary card from my boyfriend

It took him 2 months, instead of 3. On October 13th, a Friday the 13th, in 2017, at 11:11pm he asked me to be his girlfriend. I of course said yes. I had been waiting for that for awhile already because I already knew he was what I wanted. Since we only spent weekends together, it was only maybe about 8 dates.

I know if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably reading a lot of other things about manifestation, and angel numbers, and you probably think I’m silly, or making it up, but it really was 11:11pm – he told me it was because 11 was his favorite number – his sports number when he was younger and played sports – and he said he wanted to remember that moment forever and that he would never forget it if it was 11:11.

In case you don’t know, the number 11, and the time 11:11 is directly related to manifestation. It is usually a sign that what you are wanting is about to manifest and that you are on the right track.

You can read more about 1111 here:

The number 13 is also very lucky:

“The number 13 is often considered unlucky by those who are superstitious, but as an angel number 13 is very auspicious. As the combination of numbers 1 and 3,angel number 13 is a sign from your angels your are connected to the ascended masters and their ability to help you manifest your desires.” (source:

It felt like a long wait, but it also felt like a whirlwind romance…. And that it would happen at 11:11 and on the 13th? That’s crazy… that’s a definite sign that I manifested this relationship.

Your Memories on Facebook

Omg!!! This was the day he finally asked me to become his girlfriend!! So we started finally tagging each other on Facebook! Aww our first photo!! This was taken a few seconds right after he asked me! Before then he was just my friend, now he’s still my best friend but so much more!!!

Posted by Jenilee Dunson on Saturday, October 13, 2018

I finally had what I wanted, a loving, committed relationship with someone attractive, with an outgoing personality, who loved and accepted and cherished me, who was financially stable, who had a high work ethic, and just a positive upbeat personality. He was perfect. Now I understand why it never worked with anyone else. They weren’t right for me. God had other plans for me, better plans than all those other things I had thought I had wanted. And it all led me down this path, to what I truly wanted. I just had to improve my self esteem and learn to be more positive, to open myself to finding real love.

And now it has been an entire year…. We’ve made so many memories… experienced so many things…… I traveled outside the country for the first time to visit his birth country of Peru. That trip made us so much closer. We’ve shared every holiday together, from Halloween to Christmas, to Thanksgiving, Easter, Both of our birthdays, Valentines Day, New Years Eve, just everything.

Some of my favorite memories include:

Trips to the zoo

Sledding in Winter

Decorating for Christmas

Attending family events

Going swimming at water parks

Going to Themeparks

Playing boardgames, cardgames, and videogames at home together

Watching movies


Playing “Truth or Dare” which isn’t really Truth or Dare since we both always pick truth, it’s basically how he got me to open up and start talking more, by making a “game” out of it, although really all we’re doing is taking turns asking each other questions lol.

And of course our trip to Peru.

I’m also going through some health issues / possible cancer scare right now, and his support through everything has been amazing. He has taken time off work even to attend doctor appointments with me, just to hold my hand or be by my side.

This is real love, a real relationship…

Letter From My Boyfriend
Letter From My Boyfriend

I was there to comfort him through the loss of a pet earlier in the year, and now he is there to comfort me through my health issues.

We tell each other everything.

We both think about / miss each other all of the time when we are apart.

We spend every weekend together. Not because it’s expected, but because it’s our heart’s desire to spend our time together. He even told me that in the past with other girls he would feel like he was bored or not want to see them and want space, but with me, he just wants to be with me all the time.

Since my last few attempts at love, had been with men who didn’t make me a priority, or didn’t make time for me, I had been trying for several months to manifest something where I could see the person every weekend. I had been journaling and scripting things like “You miss me, so you call me to come over every weekend”. Even before I met this person. I knew that I wanted a very close relationship where the person makes an effort to spend time with me, because that had been a problem in my past two consecutive attempts at dating.

I even scripted exactly some of the dates and some of the things that would happen, such as writing things like “We have a BBQ cookout, and you know I’m shy so you make an effort to introduce me to all of your friends and make me more comfortable”. This has happened multiple times now.

Actually he’s the first guy whose made an effort to introduce me and include me in things with his friends and family, and that makes us a lot closer.

I’ve scripted other things, dates we’d gone on, things like lantern festivals, or specific restaurants, all kinds of things that would later happen even though I had scripted many of them before I ever met him.

Now we are a year into the relationship and so in love. I could not imagine being with anyone else, and I never would have imagined this is how my life and love would turn out. It is so much more and so much better than anything I had ever tried to “manifest”. It is real, true love.

I’m attracted to him, he’s attracted to me. He makes time for me, a priority, an effort, consistency, etc. Just every day our love grows more and more.

The beautiful words of the card that he gave to me, words from his heart…. this is like a dream, like a fairytale. I’m with someone that treats me like a goddess. And someone that is all-in, committed, devoted, and with someone who gives 110% in a relationship where things are equal. Where we’re both doing our fair share, to give enough water and sunlight to the seeds we’ve planted, and watching them blossom into this beautiful relationship of trust, love, friendship, just everything.

Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary
Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary

I hope that this love lasts forever. And I believe that it will continue to grow. But if not, at least I can say this, I have loved. I have been loved. I have experienced a real relationship, and it has changed me. I look at life, at love, at myself, and other people so differently now…. I know that even if this love should end, I know now that real love exists in this world, and that I too can have a relationship that I deserve and that I dream of.

It has been a great first year…. I feel that we will make the next years even better!

Brainwaves Manipulate Water Giving Evidence of Power of Thoughts

Much like the Oprah video with Deepak Choprah demonstrating the incredible powers of the human mind by moving a pendulum which I have shared here previously as well as replicated myself many times, here is another video giving proof to the power of positive thoughts.

The artist is able to move water using her brain waves. There is no limit to what the mind can do!

This beautiful creative art exhibit proves that your thoughts can shape the world around you in physical ways that prove that you can manifest miracles in your life every day!

Whose Happiness Is Most Important?

I love this quote… “Love Is When The Other Person’s Happiness Is More Important Than Your Own” – I often tell my boyfriend “Your happiness is my happiness” because I get enjoyment, pleasure, satisfaction, and yes, happiness, from seeing him happy, especially if I’ve been able to have an affect on raising that happiness. I’m a nurturing and caring person who loves to see everyone happy.

But I spent years previously in abusive or just dead end relationships. Outside of relationships, I was also always a people pleaser. Putting aside my wants, needs, and desires for the approval of others.

At some point you have to put your own happiness above all else.  You have to realize you can’t make everyone happy, nor will everyone like you. You have to learn it’s not your job to fix broken people. Yes, we should care about people, and reach out and try to help, but in the end, if that person doesn’t want to accept help, you have to learn when to walk away for your own sake. It’s OK to be selfish! I know the world teaches you it’s not OK, especially as a woman, it’s not OK they tell you to want too much, don’t have high expectations, know your place, do this, or that, to attract your man, all the magazines, tv shows, your friends, parents, society, even in the work place, we’re taught to take roles that serve and please others.

At some point though you have to ask yourself, what is it that YOU want. And if pleasing the other people around you is moving you closer or further away from the goal you want.

Yes, when we love someone we want to make them happy… But to say “It’s more important than your own (happiness)” is where I think this quote is wrong.

I would say, “Love is when the other person’s happiness is equally important to your own, and when you’re both working together to maintain that happiness”.

Remember if you aren’t happy, Law of Attraction can’t work… so put your happiness as your top priority always.

Test The Power Of Your Mind Deepak Chopra Oprah 1993

When I first got into Law of Attraction, I stumbled upon this video of Deepak Chopra’s first appearance on Oprah in 1993. Together they run an experiment to test the power of the human mind. In this video, with Deepak’s guidance, Oprah moves the pendant with nothing but her mind.

Curious as to if this was fake, or real, I tested it myself. Steadying my arm on the table, lightly holding the pendulum, I began to focus my intentions on moving it as I’d seen in the video. Towards and Away from my body, Left and Right in front of me, and then in circles… clockwise… and counter clockwise.

And I was able to successfully replicate the experiment!

As I began, it was difficult at first, the movement was slow and sluggish, but as I saw it move, and I was very certain I was not moving my arm, hand, or fingers, I became increasingly excited. As my excitement rose, the movement became rapid and erratic. It was swinging easily and in wider and wider circles.

This experiment is simple to replicate at home, and I think once you try it, you will have even more faith in LOA. Once you see what your mind can do, you will realize, your mind can do anything!

There’s no “reason” scientifically speaking, why this experiment can or should work. But it really does… From this I learned or strengthened my already growing belief in the existence of miracles. Things that just can not be explained by science. LOA is a lot like faith. You can’t see it, but you have to believe and find comfort in knowing it’s there. It’s a choice to believe in something that seems impossible. But with experiments like this, it’s easy to see that anything is in fact possible.

Another experiment I discovered at the same time, but did not have the materials to replicate, is an experiment with 2 wire coat hangers. As you hold them and think or say negative thoughts, the wires contract, until even crossing or touching each other, but as you say or think positive thoughts the wires expand, and repel, pointing away from each other.

Various other experiments like this exist online that allow you to see immediate evidence of the powers of the human mind. The human mind is an amazing thing. Make sure yours is working towards achieving your goals by choosing better feeling thoughts whenever possible.

What To Expect At Lantern Festivals

In 2017, I checked off a big item from my bucket list. I went to a Sky Lantern Festival. It was one of the most beautiful breathtaking nights of my life, and in a few weeks I will be going again, this time with the person I love. I wrote a wish on my lantern last year, wrote every quality I wanted in my next relationship, lit and let my lantern go, and the very next day, I met my boyfriend.

Is it a coincidence, is it fate, is it Law of Attraction at work? I think it’s Law of Attraction… As I watched those lanterns, thousands and thousands of gleaming balls of light, drifting in the night sky…. I felt at peace… I felt almost a sense of spirituality, perspective of how we are all together, how we are so small, how the world is so big, all of these senses and feelings…

My vibration was raised, higher than it had been in months, maybe years… I was on my “high flying disc” as Abraham would say…

It was like a cleansing, pure, beautiful, truly magical night… I recommend everyone experience a lantern festival at least once in their life.

If you can’t go to one in person, you can watch 15 minutes of footage that I filmed from the festival last year. Watch it and let it move you, lift you, as high as those lanterns.

My Personal Experience With LOA And Manifesting Love

I’m in the best relationship of my life, with someone that respects, loves, trusts, and is committed to me. But I haven’t always been so lucky. I’ve been in verbally and physically abusive relationships, I’ve been in love with people who didn’t want the same things from a relationship. I’ve settled for people who didn’t appreciate, nor deserve me. Settling for scraps they gave me, or as one person put it “being back pocket girl”.

Because, the truth is, Law of Attraction is all about positivity. And if you hate yourself, that’s the opposite of posititivity. If you feel insecure every day, if you feel ugly, fat, skinny, dumb, poor, short, tall, awkward, annoying, or whatever else, the Law of Attraction can’t work.

But the Law of Attraction can teach you to love yourself. You’re not going to believe that right away. But it’s true. There are ways you can retrain your mind and become happy. It’s a slow process though. It’s not an overnight thing.

I had heard about Law of Attraction, and sure, maybe had a few dreamboards and visionboards growing up over the years, but I wasn’t really that into the whole concept. I’d heard of “The Secret” but I’d not watched nor read it before.

In my 30s, I first turned to LOA, out of desperation. I was having a really hard time, wanting that elusive unicorn relationship, that seemed so unobtainable for “someone like me” as I thought I was back then.

At one point, I was in love with 2 people that wanted “nothing” to do with me. Unrequited love though is still love. I tried to move on, tried to meet new people. In fact, that’s how it became 2 people that I fell unrequittedly in love with in the first place. But I was not making any progress moving forward.

It sounds silly (pathetic) and embarrassing now, but my first experience with LOA was wanting to win their heart(s). I came across a forum and book by Lanie Stevens. – Empowering Women

Lanie’s forums and books are about meditation techniques to send telepathic messages to the people you love. She markets her techniques to an audience of women who desire to “win back their ex”.

This seems silly now, because I’m with someone so much better for me. We’ve spent every weekend together ever since we met, almost a year ago. Where as with the unrequitted love I would spend weeks, or even months sometimes without getting to see the person. I thought I wouldn’t find anyone I felt as attracted to, but now I’m with someone who everytime we go out together I truly feel I’m with the best looking guy in the room, or even the whole world. I’m completely enchanted and drawn to my partner, his eyes, his smile, his hair, his face, his scent, his body, but most of all, his personality, and how kind, loving, consistent, attentive, and dependable he is. How much he makes me laugh, how much fun we have together, no matter what we do. Trips we’ve taken, memories we’ve made, experiences we’ve shared. How we talk about everything and how we have a real relationship, of love, trust, and connectedness.

The things I wanted from others, and always wondered why they couldn’t be those things – suddenly it didn’t matter – they didn’t matter – it was clear that they just were not right for me. People who want to be with you, will make time for you and make you a priority in their life.

I’m not judging others though who practice Lanie’s techniques, we all have different unique experiences, and maybe the person in your past is the right person for you.

Part of the technique is just letting go, believing that what’s meant to be will be and moving on while also believing the techniques are working.

The technique is simple, picture the person you want to be with. Picture them at a distance away from you with their back to you. Call their name, you can do this silently in your mind, or you can combine this technique with Agnes Vivarelli’s Whispering Technique which you can watch below.

Anyways, back to Lanie, you picture the person you love, call their name 3 times, and on the 3rd time, picture them turning to face you and coming towards you. As they come towards you, you picture them telling you everything you wish they’d say to you. Then you “cut the cord” picturing them getting further away as you “set them free” and you say “It is done” and forget about it.

I think these techniques can be harmful because mentally ill people could become obsessed with the targets of their desires and these techniques could amplify that obsession.

But when done correctly, I also think these techniques can be effective, because as you fantasize about this, you trick your brain into being happy. The end goal is to raise your own vibration. It’s not about the other person as much as it is, about the feeling of happiness you create for yourself.

LOA is all about being happy and at peace, and these techniques help you reach that goal.

But I also think sometimes, some people get so hung up on the past, that they miss opportunities to move forward.

You’re probably wondering if these techniques worked for me. I did not win the hearts of my target(s), but I’d only given it about 3 months. In those 3 months I had seen improvements, in their behavior, or in successfully getting them to call or text, or interact on social media, etc. Who knows what would have happened if I’d continued the techniques.

I chose to let go, in the end, as a result of other LOA techniques, I decided that these relationships (For lack of a better word), were not right for me.

Lanie even stresses the importance of moving on and not sitting around waiting on your changes to manifest. And I had already known that I wanted different things from a relationship than what they were offering me, so I never did just sit around waiting.

It was just a matter of time, before I would find someone that wanted the same things I wanted. And when I did, there was no need to be stuck in the past any longer.

Like I said, I think these techniques can do more harm than good, if not used properly. If you have unrealistic and unhealthy expectations, and if you view these techniques as the only way you’ll ever be happy, or this person as the only way you’ll ever be happy… then you’ll probably never be happy because you’ll miss other opportunities to make you happy.

One of the things that helped me really realize it was time to let go was discovering The Teachings of Abraham Hicks.  These are a fascinating set of videos, audio books, and books written by a woman named Esther Hicks who becomes possessed by spirits whom she calls Abraham.  These spirits give Esther almost clairvoyant abilities and she travels around the world giving speaking and demonstration to millions of people seeking the advice and guidance of Abraham.

I’ve always been kinda fascinated by the thought of psychics and mysticism. Unrelated but I’ve always been into numerology, and when I was “lost” and going through a hard time, I turned to free psychic advice.

I bought the book, Ask and it is Given, without knowing much about Abraham or Esther Hicks, and I was surprised when I learned about how she is Abraham, and the psychic element, rather it’s real, or fake and made up to make her story more appealing, definitely makes these books more interesting and less dry than most LOA books.

But Esther and Abraham want us to know we don’t need psychics, we create our own destinies, and everything we want has already been given to us, and is waiting in what they call the Vortex. Waiting until our “vibration” matches what’s inside our vortex.

And the way in which we raise our vibration is to get in touch with our feelings and emotions. To understand exactly how we are feeling in any given moment. To not run away from our emotions, but to embrace them, and learn to use them all, even the negative emotions, as a means to feel better.

The books are not only informational, but also used as a tool, a work book, with several different activities you can do to improve your mood and thus put to practice the law of attraction.

The book Ask and It is Given really helped me… It helped me to manifest the relationship of my dreams. To improve my self esteem. And to stop settling for less than what I truly wanted.

The free youtube videos really helped me too. I really liked the following video about “Fred” – In this video there’s a woman obsessed with a man from her past, and unable to move forward. Abraham tells her that what she really desires is someone that can make her feel the way Fred made her feel, and that she can have that exact same feeling again even without Fred.

In another video Esther shares a Story about how she met Jerry. She talks about how they lived in the same apartment building, Jerry moved out and Esther moved in, how they had worked in the same building, had mutual friends, but somehow had not met until their vibrational escrow matched what they had put in their vortexes.

I couldn’t find the video right now – I spent most of the day looking. If I find it, I’ll come back and add it here.

I wanted to show this video to my boyfriend – I already told him about Abe and this specific video, but I’d like to share it with him, because our how we met story turns out to have a lot of zigging and zagging as well. As we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve found a lot of these instances of zigging and zagging.

Even though it’s a long distance relationship, we went to the same doctor office – I was referred to the city for a specialist, and he lived locally there and it was also where his primary care physician happened to work. I went to this specialist for 2 or 3 years – every few months. There is a different doctor right across the street, and 3 or 4 other health networks within a 5 mile radius, so I thought it was odd that we’d both have doctors in common.

After the doctor, myself and my family would take the opportunity to eat at a specific restaurant nearby, and do some shopping that they did not offer in our small town.

One night, the first time my family met my boyfriend after we began dating, we went out to this restaurant, and my boyfriend told us that he used to eat there all the time and that his picture even used to be up on the wall.

Another time, driving through the city, I told my boyfriend how I had my first job (in my field of study) there about 10 years ago, and my boyfriend told me 10 years ago he was working in the city too (he now lives and works in a smaller suburb, ala near the doctor and restaurant from my story). We looked it up, and entered it into google maps just for fun, and we worked less than 2 blocks away from each other.

But back then, we were very different people, I don’t think we would have wanted the same things we want now in a relationship or from each other. That speaks a lot to the perfect timing that Esther and Abraham always speak about too.

I always liked that video, of how Jerry and Esther zigged and zagged before meeting, but I like it even more now when I can reflect back on it and appreciate how it applied to my own experiences as well.

The exercises in Ask and It’s Given helped improve my mood, and made it possible for me to meet the person I’m with today. There are dozens of exercises in the book, but the focus wheel really helped me.

I also loved scripting, which is just journaling, but writing about as if what you want has already manifested.  In the present tense. I started a journal on because it is private and I felt more free to write my deepest most innermost thoughts. You might feel more comfortable with a pen and paper. I always like typing better because my hand writing is awful.

A lot of what I scripted came true, in exact details. I scripted certain dates, certain things I wanted people to say, certain experiences I wanted to have. Not only did I write about those things, but I also did my rampages of appreciation in my journal, another exercise from the Abraham Hicks books.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but all you have to do is choose words and thoughts which feel better.  It’s all about raising your vibration.

Meditation helps too, even just 10 minutes a day. Make it the first thing you do before you get out of bed, before you even open your eyes, and the last thing you do as you close your eyes to go to sleep.

Dreamboards and Visionboards help too. Pinterest makes it super easy to collect images which can inspire you and raise your vibration. You can even make private Pinterest boards if you have secret desires you are uncomfortable sharing with the world.

I created because I want to share inspiring images, stories, quotes, and videos from around the web as well as personal experiences that can help lift the reader’s vibration. I sincerely hope all of your dreams and wishes come true.